[News] SHINee to Sing Drama “Strangers 6″ Theme Song

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Strangers 6 is a TV Show which has story abou 6 experts from China, Japan & South Korea get together by orders from their governments. Their mission is to maintain the three countries' joint economic zone.

Group SHINee will sing the theme song of Strangers 6, a drama made by joint production between Korea, China, and Japan according to a report by Sankei Sports on 3 August.

The decision was made by the drama production company’s recognition of SHINee at the end of last year. They are currently selecting the song.

Kawai Shinya, general producer, said he expects SHINee will increase the suspense of the drama through their singing capability and expressiveness.

Girl Group KARA will also sing a song to be inserted in the drama.

drama source: asiandramawiki
credit: jjangga@sportschosun.com
english trans by jujugal @Subbing SHINee
image credit: Taemin Forever

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