[Interview] SHINee on Haru Hana vol. 006

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일본 데뷔 싱글도 절호조인 5인조 그룹

Join a Great Debut Single Five-Member Japanese Group
The changryeok, dance performances, songs, and boasts a high level in everything, to lead South Korea's eumakssin SHINee finally full-scale activities in Japan. Debut song "Replay-thou my everything-" the first week of sales, South Korea as the group's debut single, and to record the best ever, ever has swept the topic. Missy 'activities in Japan was becoming a new challenge, now, I'm feeling back to newcomer " Tae Min "in Korea, the Japanese version of debut was anything to debut in Japan, South Korea's lyrics evoke images of this little information about women in Tokyo's got a song, compared to the Japanese version, SHINee boys for what is And I'm in love for pyueohan. Dance performances in the movement of the legs have everyone's attention, I hope you have a " Key "in music videos, and five that fell in love with one woman's story, and as a smoke. Smoke, then I worked really hard ... as hard as that, but the future will require more effort (laughs). " They are attracted to the stage peopekteuhan audience, but surprisingly could not afford at the time of his debut is that. Jonghyun "there was no visible reaction paenbundeului, where the camera and did not even know where to look at better, but you gain experience in several stages while allowing natural performances have been able to think" Missy "stage of maturity has grown even feel it. Japanese War, but the camera or on stage makes me feel a little different rules. That still look good to do, Learning to future UD " The nature of a personality, but to each their own, singing with exquisite harmonies of the five people to play. Then, five people, but if they were never SHINee, what do you think you'd be doing? On-U "childhood dream was the architect. There are qualities of something or nobody likes the sound was heard. However, by middle school teacher in second grade music teacher, the teacher got recommendations singer. Specifically, it is not thought at the time, but my mom go ahead, try the song do not you hear the sound of high school students thought the course was so crazy when the singer, I thought let's get the goal, " Jonghyun "Mmm. Practice and also to become a singer I sing. Lyricist, composer, focal trainers, those three are my dreams, so be it ... I think that trying to achieve " Keys "As I take care of him Jonghyun hard and clearly aims to be a singer, you think" Bryant: "I Would not enjoying college life. Yes, but now continue to work in the past was a dream come eventually and it'll be related to study! " Tommy, "Me too. A haksaengiltego, maybe you actually have interest in music, formed a band and hit the keyboard, Think. Or, go to the dance club to succumb to the dance I'm not sure "

Question to Five People
Q1. Expressed in three words about yourself if you?
Q2. Now, if there is a time machine? Future? Eun wants to go to where? Let me tell you why!
Q3. What is the most recent holiday jinaetneun going?


A1. Maybe three ... Just a little different, but I want to express that in the middle of an amusement park. When focused, concentrating deultteulttaeneun a doubt, do not stay calm because mothalttae also (laughs).
A2. No age relationship, and still do it the better, watch out for myself where I want to go. In other reports, looks like I really care that land do not see him.
A3. Sleeping a lot, meet a friend, and I started to pool. I want to beat a good pool, you really can not just start in less than (bitter)

A1. First, the color red. Next to the cloudy weather. Color weather ... I'm not sure what else I'll geolro delicious. Milk tea. I picked all three liking.
A2. 're Past. Change the future, but there's no change in the past. "What other choice do you have a doeteu But I'm not," he agreed that all.
A3. Membeorang way out shopping with plenty of work for the last to go shopping, I bought yeoreumot. Missy talked almost every day have to go back to health.

A1. There is diversity. Kidapda. Friend or foe, and. I think a lot of the side of a friend. I felt in the familiar surroundings of the type believe it.
A2. (Which ttokbureo accent) I do not want to go anywhere! At the moment, the most good, Tomorrow you'll think the best tomorrow. I regret nothing, or do not (laughs).
A3. Likes to draw, dance practice, and did exercise. And, I've been with a friend for coffee.

A1. Efforts. Humility. Do not give up. Representing me to say prayer, I have three dogs that need to pray.
A2. 're Past. Now, I have the knowledge, experience arrives gajinchae all, I want to go back to elementary school about two or three year (laughs). This study will try a lot more to play with my friends too. I think that your parents will not help honnaji (laughs).
A3. Ate rice with their parents. Time to eat rice as often, but this time, had a meal before coming to Japan.

A1. Dreams, hard work and humility.
A2. The future do not want to. Really getting on my nerves, but have not yet experienced the world would. I also made the future I want to go! If it works in the past, is born! From that moment again, Dare, as well as Korean, Japanese, and I want to study and, more trying to be anything else I want to speak such good! A3. Dinner with my family, and love while dancing, I've got a very comfortable day.

Born 14 December 1989. O-
Variety trust relationship with the other actors who I think is important In Korean "softness" of the meaning of "gentleness," the artist. As its name, listening to people like wrapper is soft and warm and his singing SHINee's a big attraction. Last year, "said the brothers brave" "ROCK OF AGES" appeared in two films and musicals, he got the job is already guaranteed. "Last summer," Lucifer "and musical appearances in the active period overlapping two hard or not?" He replied, "It's hard ....... No, I'm joking (laughs). Like that so that at start-adored, "he, as a gentle face smiled. "That appeared in musicals, I think there's confidence. However, that should have a thorough reflection of self-management, so an extra effort after some, he thinks " "The Japanese Oyaji gag that's funny!" He called, he will save a unique sense of humor, are active in TV variety shows in Korea. "When you star in TV variety shows, relax, and I'm aware that imhaneun. Believe in myself so that you can have fun is important, but those conversations with the other performers, while trust is built, I think it'd appear seemingly " 1st in concert, the opera "Turandot" in "Nessun Dorma" to the recall, which may surprise those fans. "And from usual, because I would like to show different sides, reported the reaction of those fans, I thought this was a success. However, for completeness but if you score 50 jeomjeong also do not know. In the next opportunity, I'd like to show off a growing "

Born 8 April 1990. Type AB
Really liked the music since I was a boy K-POP group, inter alia, that boasts outstanding Jonghyun singing. Hmm, beomsang unexpected passion for singing, he actively playing music since junior high school band, the boys were doing. "I was responsible for Van deueseoneun database. At the time, Nirvana's songs to the instrument at first challenged the "smells like teen spirit". Japan is very liked the band, X JAPAN and L `Arc ~ en ~ ciel song as was frequently beaten. Speaking of songs, went into office the first song is practiced correctly, gimyeonwoo's "I feel real, real live moment by yours." The music, really liked since I was a boy! " Great performance, as well as imposing on the Stage, in an interview for the song mind merging with bitnaemyeo Jonghyun eyes. Idol singing to emulate in South Korea hwajein program "immortal 2" also starring in the instrument, for music was such a selfless attitude because yeotgi. "As artists, many things I think I am going to have the opportunity to learn. Through better, more than ever, think deeply about the songs and performances have helped " Last year, the overseas leg injury in the event that there ACTIVITY. However, during recreation geudapge had optimistically. "During treatment, a lot of books to read Japanese, was also studied. At other times, not good for viewing animations, "ONE PIECE" radeonji "NARUTO-Naruto-" radeonji, saw a lot ~. If you have a job to do at home, so we do not normally Let's try a thought that was something (laughs). "

September 23, 1991. Type B
"Master Key" has grown to want to go! As well as music, fashion sense, art in various fields, such as excitement, have a talent, "Master Key" with the nickname key. But it was far from his modest yet say. "Uh tteon also liked the field and the hard, but the master key that represents me now I do not think you want to be and look, I'm a dream. Personally, I am interested in art and photographs, and studying in the field, and to grow further, "Master Key" and I want to go there " Fashion thrives even in the challenging spirit, and his clothing or hairstyles are always noticed. "When the nose dineyiteuhal singyeongsseunneu giving it one point. For example, the jacket is decorated, inside the bay are likely to throw to Cody. And, my favorite style, only I'm not just important to see many wearing. As for hairstyles, hair designer, I take the idea and the Subcommittee's decision to consult. So far, I love all hair challenged. Frankly, I even had to try it is at least (laughs), it's all the experience and also one's work. I find good things to challenge anyway, I think that the " Maendeulmaendeulhan good for your skin while covering white and was amazed. "Great thing is not, but thought it was important to moisturizing lotion after a shower balrayo immediately. And as much as possible in the dirt's gonna ask about that (laughs). "

December 9, 1991.
Type B I made it all I love the rap lyrics! "Flame charismatic" mated to a nickname, during an interview, which was an impressive straight-eyed Missy. Debuted in Japan in between, dividing the good of TVXQ Changmin and told the story. "By studying Japanese for sure, as well as in South Korea have been heard say go, go hard. In Japan, rookie, because if you try to return to first principles, certainly as good results coming out, and told us advice, " 1st in concert, solo on the stage of Usher "OMG" and covering the audience with Missy deulkkeulgehan. Usher is one of the artists he's Greeting. "Bwi to foreigners before the stage of the visual artists I've seen him often. Among Usher, enjoying the performance and looks very hip, very favorite artists. What does a solo on stage when I immediately was sparked Usher. Very enjoyable, preparation and practice were repeatedly " So many rap lyrics sondaeneun him have plugged a favorite piece, let me ...... "Le gonna be difficult choose only one. In the time limit because in the lyrics, but the unfortunate part, as a committed, I love both. Nevertheless, I made it because there (laughs)! " 8, etc., handsome as a god even outstanding athleticism, he's called peopekteuhan image, but the fact that sports does. "Baseball's hard. Chineungeon their own, but I'm not gonna throw (bitter) "

July 18, 1993. Type B
Now the growth process of the first care of you I hope you have as you! Mem of the youngest member Tommy loved anyone. Little image, but, in recent years has been keen mature. "Before, you said you wanted to be an adult soon, but right now care of my growth process as it would like you think you've been. The best thing that grew from his debut three years, was in front of the camera so that you can act naturally. It was becoming more shy and ride characteristics, the first time to face the camera, "Hi-" he was awkward talking " Everyone recognized part dance, but the youngest says as much to learn from other members. "On the type of each of the leaders sseojugo mind, please fix it to point out my shortcomings. Missy brother, a mischievous part mudeumeyikeogo, video monitoring, and make a map please Kihyeongeun fix my tone or (laughs), Japanese, let me know. Jonghyun singing in cotton respect than Walter, I'm more likely to talk about the song " Simple and plain clothes in the same fashion buzz too, but the point is to choose clothes? "My style is not specifically referred gonna, I think I'm looking to choose the clothes I'm wearing a shift. But, say the most important and I'm in harmony. In recent years, the weather is good, tons of bright colors, kkeulryeoyo " Heulnalrimyeo continue to utneuneolgul gently covering the scene they have created. Analyze your personality and charm hajamyeon? "Bright and positive. The advantage to the others listen and accept points of the story. Whatever charm it's hard work! "

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