[Taemin Forever Official News] Taemin's Birtdhay Message Winners!

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First reward: official pin up!
Second reward: official sticker
It's hard to decide which one is the best 5 to be the winner of Taemin Forever's Official Pin Ups. But I decided to make a decision before it take time too long. This is list of Winners!
  1. Milliene Vega (Puerto Rico)
  2. Ragita (Indonesia)
  3. Bernadette Ajeng (Indonesia)
  4. Lukita QA (Indonesia)
  5. Arylene Lee (Indonesia)
Congratulation Taem's Fever! Don't ever regret to attend another competition! ^^. For all winner will get 1 pin up and sticker of Taemin Forever for free. Please contact me via e-mail: taeminforever77@yahoo.co.id to confirmation your address ^^v Once again, Congratulation! And for other participant please don't be sad because there are so many chance to attend another competitions okay?


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