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LeeTaemin.org is a fanlisting dedicated to Lee Taemin, created for fans from all over the world to join and be listed as Taemints! If you are a Taemint, please feel free to join the fanlisting at http://leetaemin.org. We are hoping to have at least 50 Taemints listed before Taemin's 18th/19th birthday!

To join, you only need to provide your NAME, a valid E-MAIL ADDRESS and a COUNTRY. It is also free!

Show your love for Taemin by joining now!

4 ♥♥♥:

  • mushroomgirl ◕‿◕ said...

    thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!!!!
    saranghe my forever soul mate-TAEMIN and you as well ~~~
    hahaha... going coo-coo right now!
    so, thank you ( 100000000000x ) very-very much~~

  • Anonymous said...

    Thank you for posting this page !!!
    Taemin Oppa : thank you for everything you have done to us * your fans * and I hope you do even greater than you are and I will always love you <3
    Saranghae Oppa !!!!!
    Your Fan:- Manoor from U.A.E :)

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