[Official News] Taemin's 19th Birthday

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Taem's Fever I know today is the most important day to you, because today is our boy's birthday. But, as admin and author here, can not made project done on time, I really am sorry. I have posted my official news abour semi hiatus status right? Actually I don't have any time to manage blog that's why I don't have any preparations to make other utterance just this pic, one pic! So sad! But Taemin's Birthday project is still going on. Don't worry, your mail will be sent if it reached 50 pieces and will be sent to SM Town before the end of this year of course ((y)^,^)(y) and 5 best mail will get official poster from Taemin Forever and be emailed directly.

Once again, Happy Birthday my boy, Lee Taemin Hope you get all best mercy and miracle as long as you live. ^^

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  • Sri wahyuni said...

    Saengil chukha hamnida to Taemin oppa
    I wish that you will be always happy,healthy and full of energy.Take care of yourself and enjoy your birthday! We all love you :) Saranghae,,I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH OPPA

  • Mushroomgirl said...

    Awww... that's so cute!
    ohh hello^^
    sorry to disturb.. but, can i ask something about taemin's birthday project?
    if you do have time you could mail me at the following e-mail : namhyunah@yahoo.com

    thank you so much^^
    because, i would really like to know about the project and to participate in it^^
    or, maybe do something for his late's birthday~~
    thank you, again.

  • taeminforever said...

    hii mushroom girl, sorry for late replay, I've just come back from my semi hiatus. I really want to do something to his birthday and I really want to send them to him directly when Singapore's SWC. But my hope was gone after I knew we can do nothing but send them directly to SM Entertainment. I still endure to collect all Taem's fever fans until all of them have been collected at least 50 pieces ^^v
    I will really appreciate with your attention and your participation ^^v

  • mushroomgirl ◕‿◕ said...

    oh, i'm so sorry for replying this late T-T
    i hope you're not mad...
    ** i'm busy with my exams...
    and, they'll end this november...
    wish me luck! hehe...
    and, it's so depressing that i'd never know about shinee's concert in Nanging, right?
    until you told me on my blog..
    hoho... thank you so much..

    **ohh right, about that birthday project thingie...
    it's okay.... taem's will be fine..
    after all, he's already too happy..

    lastly, thank you so much!!!!!

  • taeminforever said...

    that's okay ^^
    you will fight for your exam!
    Hope you can pass the exam well.
    I am quite busy lately, so I can update picture or news quite late too. But I will try my best to upload picture to every Taemints over the world. ^^v

    anyway, are you from South Korea? I see your profile and your blog, hope you will post on your blog soon after you have free time, ^^v

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