[News] Taemin's Style Influence Wang Jonggeun?

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According Newsen's report HERE, we can see how fascinating our boy, Taemin! Since his fashion style are so faboulous, Wang Jonggeun, an announcer, talked about this baby maknae Taemin on a TV program. He has a son, but whenever Taemin is on TV, he says he wants to have Taemin as his son. And he also wants his son to try Taemin’s style. Shopping for clothes with his son, he asks for the skinny jeans Taemin wears. His son complained he couldn’t even put his ankle into the pants When his son went for haircut, he called them to cut his son’s hair like Taemin. He apologized saying he thinks his son is more handsome than anyone.

Oh My Lord! I don't know why I feel happy after read this news. I think Taemin is really multitalent!ed His face is cute but charm and cool. His personality is so sweet and he has good sense of humor! Beside, he is really good musician and can handle piano well. His body is so flexible just like caterpillar dancing machine, keke. And don't forget that other SHINee member crown him as the most fashionable one over SHINee v(^.^p)

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