[News] SHINee's "Replay" Charts High and Helps SM Stocks Peak

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We recently reported on the rise of SM Entertainment's stock prices due to the first few days of SHINee's success with the release of "Replay ~Kimi wa Boku no Everything~. The stocks, which are currently trading at 23,200 won, have been still climbing consistently due to SHINee's successful debut in Japan and reached a record high for this year when it peaked at 24,700 won on July 1.

SHINee's single entered the Oricon daily single ranking at 2nd place and maintained its ranking for four consecutive days before dropping to 4th, then 5th place by June 27. On the Oricon weekly album ranking, SHINee has maintained 2nd place for two weeks. 91,000 copies of the single were sold in the first week alone - an all-time best for Korean artists debuting in Japan.

SM Entertainment's stocks have increased by nearly 23% since June 23, the day after SHINee's Japanese album "Replay ~Kimi wa Boku no Everything~" was released in Japan.

The diversification of SM Entertainment artists and their expansion into Japan is likely to help improve SM stocks in the second half of 2011 and all of 2012.

Meanwhile, SHINee has been continuing promotional activities in Japan with a recent performance on Happy Music Japan, the MTV Video Music Aid Japan Awards, and Music Japan.

What do you think about SHINee's incredible success and its help to SM Entertainment?
source: Asia Economy and Oricon Style

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