[News] Another SHINee Taemin's Dopplanger?

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A child actor named JeongYeonSeok have proven himself to look so similar like Taemin of SHINee.

An online community board recently posted a picture of Taemin and the said child actor along with the title of: "JongYeonSeok child actor as Taemin's dopplanger".
They said SHINee member and the child actor seems to have the same lips and perfectly white skin, not to mention their eyelids shows a big resemblance too when Taemin was still a young kid and it captivates the eyes of the public when they saw the post.

Some netizens commented, "They sure have a lot of resemblance", "I was thinking something looked familiar when I've seen this child before", "JeongYeonSeok is so cute", "This kid have a bright future ahead of him", "JeongYeonSeok reminds me of Taemin when he was still a kid, I miss those days" and "JeongYeonSeok is cute and Taemin is cute too"

Taemin along with SHINee is preparing their 'SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION TOUR' and is expected to be another great tour!

Meanwhile JeongYeonSeok who debut back in September last year with MBC's Jumong also guessed in "Three Brothers", "Four Gods" and many other works, he's even awarded in SBS Drama Awards last 2009.

source: Nate.comt
ranslation Credit: snsdxlover@SFI
credit: snsdxlover@SFI

Does it mean we can see another Taemin in Future? Kekeke, if it so, I think we're gonna be everlasting pedo XD

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