[Interview] SHINee Taemin @Korean Star Magazine

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Q: What is your hobby related to Japan?
[My Neighbor, Totoro] of Studio Ghibli, [Howl’s Moving Castle], [Princess Mononoke], etc.

Q: If you can take a day off in Japan, what do you want to try?
Harajiku, Shibuya and Sapporo which we went last year, I would like to go again.

Q: How would you describe(analysis) your personality?
Very positive, just a bit of covetousness (desire for the possession of something) I guess.

Q: What kind of own clothing style do you like?
Something like jeans, rough style.

Q: How do you maintain your health and muscle?
Exercise and having meals with accurate amount.

Q: What style of lady do you like?
Cute, gentle and someone who only look at me? (LAUGH)

Q: Please recommend us a date spot in Seoul for Summer!
Garosugil at Shinsa-dong. There, you will find fashionable stores, cute cafes, etc.

picture credit: TONGHYUN @soompi
English Translations credit: NING @shiningshawols.com
shared by: shineetown and Shawol Indo

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