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SHINee Lighting Up the K-pop Universe

Why talking about SHINee in this new edition? There are way many  reasons for doing so: because this year they celebrate their 3rd  anniversary, because they are making a trend in kpop and the most  importantly, because these five guys, have shown their love for Peruvian  shawols, love shown by wearing the Peruvian football team jacket or  even t-shirts with the name of our capital city, Lima, in their  concerts.

Don’t you think so? In this article you will know everything about it as well as the history of this contemporary band

After their official debut in May 25th, 2008 in the Korean TV show  called Inkigayo, the guys from SHINee gave their first concert (which  was huge) in December 26th, 2010 in Japan, that means almost 3 years  after debuting. Why did they take so long? And why did they do it in  Japan and not in their country, Korea?

Let’s go step by step. It seems that for Korean bands to give a  concert, they first have to release many albums as well as do lots of  preparation. That’s the way to go for agencies like SM Entertainment,  agency that manages SHINee. During that time of preparation, the band is  gets ready to give a successful concert. In SHINee’s case, after their  TV debut, they released mini albums, albums, repackage albums, etc (you  will see the list in the next pages), in addition to this, they also had  performances in TV music shows and broadcasting events. Everything but  concerts.

Because of the great success they had from their productions and  because their fandom grew in Asia and other places in the world (Peru  for example, where they created a fanclub dedicated only to SHINee) many  countries fought for the chance to host their first concert. Japan won  this opportunity: they sold the tickets through internet, which were all  sold out within 5 minutes. That is why they had to do a double concert  the same day (December 26th, 2010, an historical date for all of their  fans).

The popularity of the group is still growing nowadays, and their  members are beginning to make it into other areas of their agency SM  Entertainment. Onew has made it into theater. Minho in sports and rumor  has it that he may be part of a new drama (the Korean version of the  Japanese “Hana Kimi”).

The name of the group means “the boys who receive light” but for  their fans, they are the ones who light up the k-pop world. By the way,  their fans are called “shawols”, a word that SHINee loves to use,  especially Onew.

Many of their fans are teenagers, that is why the fans always address  them as “oppas” (older brother). The reason for them to have many  teenage fans is because they began their career at a very young age.

Internationally, Peruvian shawols are very well known because of  their continuous activities (fan actions, fan meetings, slide shows,  celebrations, etc) which they always record and upload to internet.  People say that the members of SHINee might have watched some of these  videos, and that’s why in their concerts they have worn t-shirts with  names such as Lima and Peru.

But the most significantly was when Minho wore the Peruvian football  team jacket. The same image was added into a booklet inside of one of  their albums. That is why Peruvian shawols love them even more and dream  about the day they come to our country.

Thanks to Rosa Guerrero, Elizabeth Pariona and Nataly Sanchez (staff  members of SHINee Peru) we could have a look of their original albums  and confirm that in each album they reinvent themselves completely.  Also, the additional material and the cover are a delightful thing for  their fans. Here some details

Replay: First mini album, released in their country, Korea, with a colorful concept

SHINee World A: First album and where they maximized the concept shown in Replay

SHINee World B: It’s the same first album but with  other images and other concept. It’s common for them to release two  versions of the same album

A.MI.Go: It’s the repackage of the first album. They  changed their look and concept, they keep the songs of the first album,  but has remixes and extras.

Romeo: Second Mini Album, the one they released in  even 5 versions. Here is the song called “Señorita” where the  introduction is spoken in perfect Spanish.

Currently, the band is living in Japan y they will be there for a  long period of time, learning the language and releasing songs in  Japanese. Is a natural step in Asian industry, which means that SHINee’s  career is now rising, heading them to an established point, as well as  other Korean bands such as TVXQ and SS501.

Year.Of.Us (YOU): Third mini album, they walked away  from the colorful image to take a “dark” concept, not only in their  clothes but also in their hairstyles

Lucifer A: It’s their very much awaited second  album. It has nothing to do with evil connotations, because “Lucifer” is  just a very beautiful girl which is nothing more than an angel

Lucifer B: This version has another cover and other  images. Here, all the pictures were chosen by the members and in one of  the pictures you can see Minho wearing the Peruvian football team  jacket.

Hello: With a totally different look, SHINee gave us their repackage album of their Lucifer production. It has remixes and extras.

Replay: This is their first Japanese album, the  beginning of their career in Japan. This “Replay” is the Japanese  version of their first Korean mini album.

This fan club is very well known internationally, because SHINee is  very popular in Peru. They are promoting the purchase of original  products. To know more about SHINee, follow their fan club in these  links:
  • Forum: www.shineeperu.com
  • Twitter:@SHINeePERU
  • Facebook: /shineeperufanclub
credits:  Zona Joven Magazine (@zona_joven in twitter) 
scan credits: Sandy Reyes @ SHINee Peru
English translation: Roxy @ SHINee Peru

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