[Interview] SHINee on Anan July, 13th

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SHINee, a group who made a debut recently with “Replay-you are my everything” and whose popularity is soaring up with their refined sound and captivating dance technique. They are the most competent and anticipated among groups of the same generation, but their unity and good teamwork is another reason they attract people. On the photoshoot, they showed their teamwork.

On the photoshoot for shots with all of the five, Jonghyun led the other four saying “Let’s try a smiling version at first,” “Jump at one, two, three.” During the shooting with two or three of them, Key made an oyaji gag(?): on the camera man’s request, “All with the same [*onaji in Japanese] pose,” Key said “Oyaji pose?”, and it froze everyone still. Taemin was excited like a kid when he floated in the air held up by Onew and Minho. During solo shots, Minho got funny to make Key laugh, and Onew made funny faces, so everyone burst into laughter. Everyone was in a happy mood throughout the photoshoot thanks to the members. When it was finished, they bowed 90 degrees, shouting “Thanks for your hard work!” I think I’ll fall more in love with the five members whose teamwork and manners are perfect!

Thank you! How was today’s photoshoot?
  • Onew: (In Japanese) it was great~!
  • Key: (In Japanese) as for the suits, I thought, “This is Japanese style!” I enjoyed it
  • Taemin: Me too! Wearing clothes we are not likely to wear usually, I feel I saw a new side of us.
  • Minho: Eh~ and it’s a style we don’t try often…
  • Taemin: Don’t copy me (laugh).
  • Minho: I’m not copying you~
  • Jonghyun: OK, OK. Why don’t we sum it up like, “The photoshoot was fun, and the suits matched us well, so we had a good photo time”?
I heard you passed auditions to enter into the entertainment world. What song did you sing in your audition?
  • Onew: I don’t remember…
  • Key: Me neither~
  • Jonghyun: I sang “I believe I can fly”. I thought I should choose a song familiar to everyone. But I haven’t sung it recently, so now I couldn’t sing it well.
  • Minho: I sang the national anthem. I had to take the audition without preparation. The judges told me, “Then, sing the national anthem.”
  • Taemin: I sang DBSK sunbae-nim’s “I believe.”
  • Onew: Ah, vague memories are coming back.
  • Taemin: I only prepared dance. I didn’t know the audition included a singing part. I was nervous as I had to sing without preparation.
  • Key: Now I remember! I also sang a DBSK song! I sang several songs. A Trax sunbaenim song too. “It is raining~♪” Right, right, I recalled it.
  • Onew: Oh, no. I can’t recall mine. Sorry.
It’s OK (laugh). Then, what song are you into these days?
  • Onew: I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson’s often recently. I like quiet songs.
  • Minho: I also listen to pops. Like Justin Bieber.
  • Key: Justin Bieber! Oh, you’re cool. I’m listening to Korean girl group f(x)’s Pinocchio. It’s very popular. I also bought a CD.
  • Taemin: When they are from the same company?
  • Key: Yes (laugh), I did.
  • Jonghyun: As for me, Irish music. It’s like English traditional music…don’t you know?
  • Onew: That’s not a song, but a genre.
  • Jonghyun: I listen to this or that, so I can’t pick one song. Irish is… I don’t know how to explain the melody.
  • Key: Irish is like this or that mixed, hard to explain. It’s not new age, nor classical. But it has a distinct color.
  • Jonghyun: It is often used in a Japanese animation or documentary program… It’s also in the OST for Korean movie Don’t Step Out of the House. Experiencing different kinds of music or performance is nourishing to me. So I try not to have only what I like, but to experience diverse fields.
I heard you are studying Japanese hard. What Japanese words do you like?
  • Onew: “mayuge [eyebrow]”. I thought I should memorize it since eyebrow is my charming point.
  • Jonghyun: “shouganaina [it can't be helped]~” Doesn’t it sound funny?
  • Minho: “Tensai [genius]”. Sakuragi Hanamichi of Slam Dunk says it several times. (Imitating Sakuragi) “Tensai desukara!”
  • Key: Minho-goon, sasuga [as expected]~. Ah, “sasuga~” is a Japanese word I like.
  • Taemin: “sobaniiruyo [I’ll be by your side]”. I listen to J-pop these days, and it was in the lyrics. In addition, what I recently say a lot is “Kore wa nan desuka [What is this in Japanese]?”
  • Minho: Taemin says it very often really~
  • Key: In a very slow tempo, “Ko~re~wa na~n de~su~ka [Wha~t i~s thi~s]?”
  • Taemin: Because I want to know the words from a TV program or (pointing at the table) this or that in Japanese. I want to know everything!
You are really studying hard! Since you mentioned Taemin’s verbal habit, how about yours? 
  • Key: As for me, I start talking with “ani [nay]~” in Korean. “Ani, it is~” “Ani, I~” It doesn’t mean anything particular… Umm, it’s hard to translate into Japanese~ “Nandaro~” or “Jyanakute~”?
  • Onew: “ano~”?
  • Minho: “nanka~”
  • Key: Yes, it might be close to “nanka”
  • Onew: I use adverbs like “Neomu [so much]” or “Goengjanghi [greatly]~”
  • Key: And Onew hyung claps before talking.
  • Onew: Do I?
  • Jonghyun: I add, “how to say it,” before a sentence. To explain it easily, I think.
  • Onew: Suddenly, I am struck by Taemin’s verbal habit. The word he uses often during an interview.
  • Key: I know what it is. “Now”?
  • All: Ah~ right.
  • Key: He repeats “now” several times.
  • Taemin: “We will now release an album, now as SHINee, now will be back to you, so now support us much!”
  • Minho: He adds it at every phrase, so it appears more than 4 times (laugh).
  • Taemin: Ahaha, how about Key hyung? Is there anything else?
  • Key: Raising the end of sentence and speaking fast, maybe?
  • Onew: No one here speaks slow. “~kka”, is that your habit
  • Minho: How about me? Anything?
  • Jonghyun: Minho only speaks minimum~ (laugh)
  • Key: Ah, how about this? “I di~d XX” “It i~s XX”
  • All: That’s right! He drags the end of sentence!
  • Taemin: (in a small voice) he can’t pronounce “s” well.
  • Minho: That’s… not a habit~! (laugh)

Korean Trans by ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery 
English Trans by jujugal @Subbing SHINee

What such a delightful interview XD They talking lightly, just feels like watching them chat on television XD. Thanks Juju for this translate ^^

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