[Fan Account] Taemin's Birthday Party Celebration

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1. Key Recognizes the Cake
Once the cake was presented out, Key exclaimed that he recognised the cake because his friend has given him one that looks similar before. He told everyone that the flower was edible. So after the candle was blown and everyone took a bite of it, Taemin asked Key if those flowers could really be eaten. Minho was reading some instructions and told everyone that the flowers were used supposedly for decorations only!! Everyone then spat out the flower.

2. Onew, Key and Taemin Share One Room
Taemin took the first level of the bunk bed while Key took the second level of it. Key woke up once in the midnight and went to check on taemin. He found out that taemin only covered his private part with the blanket which caused Key to thought that taemin slept naked! (I think he didnt). The other members didnt find it such a big deal about it. Minho joked by asking Key "Hey, are you saying you like Taemin?". Everybody present there teased them.

3. On Billards/PoolKey allowed taemin to talk about what he wanted to receive for his birthday present. Minho answered for him by saying that Taemin wanted a Billard table.. to play billard. Key said that it was what Minho wanted. They started talking about Minho's competitive spirit, saying that he plays billard regularly. Key played Billard for the first time, against Minho once and won Minho. At that moment, Minho denied and rebutted that it was not the case. He was very agitated (jokingly manner).

4. About the Honeydew AgainKey said that it was very meaningful so he did that. Minho said that Many people had a great laugh upon seeing that picture. In response, Key affirmed that he was already "like that"  during his High School days.  One fan excalimed that it was a "Grade-2 illness"! (Meaning that students in Grade 2 tend to be playful). Key responded by saying that Jonghyun and him were very playful in Grade 2. Then they talked about Onew's Eating Handphone picture, saying that it was not a "Grade-2 illness" but a "Primary School illness".
5. Key Said that He Will Update Me2Day
Key mentioned that he was busy nowardays, that is why he did not upload any photos or messages. He said that once he has the chance, he will take a photo and upload it.

6. Taemin Mumbled A Lot Today
Taemin did not complete his sentences. Key misheard the conversation for something vulgar and laughed silently by himself.

7. About Football GameThey said that today, taemin and minho played until first half of the game and left. Key commented "Ah, both of you left without closing the door?"

8. Minho Gave Taemin a T-shirt and a Pair of Shoes for His Birthday
The other members said that they did not give taemin any present. Key said that he gave taemin a chance to say his request but taemin did not give him a reply and he allowed taemin to say his request on the spot. Taemin said "Shoes.." Fans exclaimed that "Didnt Minho gave you a pair of shoes already?". Taemin and Jonghyun said simultaneously "A better one!"

9. Japanese Mistake During the Interview
Taemin couldnt stop blinking. Key also did not know what to do. He was wondering why they did not cut that part out since it was not broadcasted live. Jonghyun said that the reason he fell during AMIGO performance, was because he stepped on a bottle cap.

10. (In addition to part 2)
Taemin only sleeps with a pair of short pants. After talking about pajamas, jonghyun added that Minho and him have messy outlook and appearance when they sleep. He mentioned that when they first debuted, fans sent them very comfortable pajamas, and each of them have 5 different sets. Now they just randomly wear one another's pajamas. They mentioned that the pajamas with Cow prints are especially comfortable. Onew said that that set of Cow pajamas are right beside his bed now. Just after they mentioned that they share their pajamas, Key suddenly said to Onew, claiming that that pajamas is his!

11. (In addition to Part 1)
Key says he knows the cake and it's made by a very famous bakery shop. He mentioned that the flowers on the cake were edible and Jonghyun fed taemin personally. After that, taemin cringed his face and gave a "vomitting" expression. Then Minho read the instructions and exclaimed that the flowers were indeed inedible!! AH! The funny thing was the Key did not meant to trick them, he really doesnt know that the flowers on the cake were inedible.. in the end...

12. Jonghyun Said that He Received Taemin's Permission for Using Taemin's UFO Account
13.On Jonghyun's Fall During Amigo's Performance
Jonghyun said that he fell due to slipping on a bottle cap. Key thought that Jonghyun did that as a body-gag, to create a livelier atmosphere. But key saw that panickwas written all over Jonghyun's face! At that time when he fell, jonghyun took a look at taemin and his expression. Taemin's facial expression  was saying "What to do? What to do? Ah~"
source : keybomi (weibo)
translation : soundtracklove@soompi

Oh My God! Taemin can't stop blinking? Should us give him kiss to make him more calm down XD. Jonghyun's use Taemin's account? It should be most hilarious UFO replies from Taemin's account ever XD

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