[Video] SHINee on MTV VMAJ Red Carpet

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screen captured from video below ^^, reuplaoded by Taemin Forever II please do not hot link!

credit: as tagged, jujutaem @youtube

Have you heard SHAWOLs shouted out loud??? T^T Envy to em. Should I stalking SHINee and take off to Japan? I always imagine stalking these boys by mimicking as SM Staff XD Don't try that at home because you will not save after imagine what I suggest XD

Last, I almost cry of happiness because uri Taemin talks Japanese un-fluently more? Kekeke, he's so cute when he stop and thinking about "egao" (smile) keke. i was thinking what kind of fsmile he would like to talk about, and then he said "shiawase" (happiness). So I think he wants us to always in happiness and smile. ^^v

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