[Update] SHINee News Update! (20110606)

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SHINee New Schedule Added, Replay is Used as Ending Song!

SHInee will appear in “Sakigake! Music ranking~EIGHT~” on June 22, 25:40!
Sakigake! Music Ranking~EIGHT~ 

Japanese SHINee official homepage: http://shinee.jp/news/media/2011/0604_000171.php

「Replay -君は僕のeverything-」が
毎週土曜日 24:50~オンエア

Replay will be used as an ending song for Satmen (24:50 on Sat) on CTV.
credit: SHINee4ever and Subbing SHINee

SHINee Japanese Debut Single Premium Limited Edition Goes Out of Stock in Amazon Japan!

It will be restocked, but anyway this means the CDs allocated to Amazon Japan have been sold out, right? Is this common even in pre-sales? 0,0

source: DC SHINee Gallery
credit: Subbing SHINee

Ewwwww!!! Good Job SHINee XD Knock them down! Blow up fast! Hold all the world in your hands!

SHINee's Ranking on HMV All Ranking Chart

It’s ranked 2nd on Daily Pre-order Chart.

Is this because the Limited Edition went out of stock on Amazon Japan?? I’m afraid all these news might be raising your expectations too high.

Wow, up to 2nd on Daily All Ranking Chart and to 1st on Daily Pre-Order Chart. @_@ Thanks, fortune, for the info!
credit: Subbing SHINee

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