[Pic Updated] SHINee Taemin @Kangnam University Festival (20110526 ) #1

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credit: as tagged, shared by: anju_angel @soompi, reuploaded by Taemin Forever II you can copy those link but please take out with full credit!

Ahhh so tired downloading and re arranging them all. I know why so many bloggers have given up doing this kekeke. AND I hate hot linker most! When blogger strictly said: please do not hot link! but the other blogger just copy and paste without use any energy it will be awful and cruel action! It will kill bandwidth and space of source blog. That's why I use this technique, using file hosting will not kill bandwidth and free from hot linker. But still we have to appreciate all effort that uploader used to by credit them fully! ^^ It's not easy being blogger, but fun ^^

TAEM'S FEVER!!! Sorry if there were so many broken links in those picture above before, I am so sorry because this is the first time I use this technique uploading. It's out of y control because I also didn't double checked it T^T It's my bad. I will be more careful next time and use safe and trusted technique like I did before ^^v  Once again, hontou ni gomanasai, jeongmal mianhamnida.

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