[Official Tutorial] How To Make Taemin, The Guardian Angel!

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View months ago after this site has been built, I posted Taemin Forever's First Photobook. Due to hot linking matter, I was unable to access my image store/uploader, so I decided to re-size them (poor me). But I think so many people love my photobook (don't get wrong idea, I just feel I need to share how to make Taemin the Guardian Angel ^^) It's quite simple, hope it will give you more inspiration ^^

Let's check them out!

Raw Pics as Tools

Step by Step How to Make Taemin, The Guardian Angel!

crop the cloud's view that would be landscape
put our angel in right place XD
dress him right! look at his left hand, our Taemin the singer will change to be angel soon, anticipate please!
retouched and fix error (but I forgot remove hand of people in cloud's view kekeke)
retouched again!
give the angel his wing! don't let him flying without wing XD
a pair of wings please! XD make it balance
give him his armor! to protect all taemints over the world!
give special effect XD, make it more dramatic elastic elastic elastic ring ding dong!
even more dramatic, just like a korean drama, make him looks sad and crybaby angel!

change color balance and finish ^^
source of images: as tagged, leeplay, credit: Taemin Forever, please take out with full credit!

That's all the tutorial of making Angel Taemin ^^, hope it will help to dig your imagination =^,^=

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