[News] SM Stock Price Goes Up with SHINee Effect

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SM Entertainment’s stock price made a sharp rise by 6%. SHINee’s debut album sales made 2nd on the day it was released. 120,000 copies of the debut single were made for the first shipments, which means its marketing is made through Youtube. It has a positive effect on SM Entertainment’s sales.
source: SBSCNBC

SM Entertainment stocks are showing strong as the visible results of “New Korean Wave” are confirmed.
In the Kosdaq market on June 24, SM stocks are being traded at 19,400 Won (currently 9:13 a.m.), 2.65% up from the previous day. Daewoo Securities presented SM’s stock goal price as 30,000 Won with a comment that SM artists are making good sales overseas.
source Yonhap News

SM stock price rebounded three days after its fall thanks to the SHINee effect as SHINee’s debut single is ranked 2nd on the Oricon chart. On 24 June, SM finished at 20,150 Won, 6.61% (1,250 Won) up from the previous day, making the highest increase rate this year. SM group SHINee was ranked 2nd on the Oricon chart with their debut single “Replay – you are my everything” released on 22 June. 120,000 copies were out for the first shipments. Daewoo Securities forecasts SM’s album sales in Japan will increase to 2.02 million copies, double up from 2009, to bring an increase of royalty income. Kim Changkwon, Daewoo Securities researcher, analyzed, “BoA started her first concert tour at the 8th quarter after releasing her first album in 2001, but DBSK at the 7th in 2004, and SNSD at the 4th last year. SHINee will start their concert tour in July, one month after their debut.” Kim explained, “Having a tour in arenas accommodating more than 10,000 people means they’ve become popular singers who can make a commercial success. It is taking a shorter time for SM singers to become popular singers, and their concert scale and album sales are also making a big growth.”
source: Money Today
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