[News] SHINee’s DJ Mix To Be Played on Osaka K-Stream

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明日深夜FM大阪「K-STREAM」は、SHINeeのDJ MIXあり、プレゼントも盛りだくさん!招待券やらサイン入りやら、バラエティに富んだプレゼント用意してまっせ!なので、ぜひぜひ聞いてください 25時からオンエア

A DJ MIX of SHINee songs will be played tomorrow night on Osaka FM ”K-STREAM”, yes, lots of presents too! Yara Yara signed invitations, waiting to make available a variety of gifts! So, please ask on the air at 25 p.m. by all means.

source: Twitter; DC Shinee Gallery
credit: juju @Subbing SHINee

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