[News] SHINee on DUET July Issue

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DUET is one of the idol magazines that have connections with Johny Entertainment (Ikuta Toma, Yamashita Tomohisa, Hideaki Takizawa). More than 90% of idols featured on the magazine are JE idols. DBSK was on it in 2009 when they were big stars. It is extremely unusual for a Korean idol group that is debuting to be featured there. Today, it was announced T-ara is going to debut in Japan under the management of a JE affiliated company. 

Someone commented: "Ever since TVXQ got big in Japan there has been many cases of interaction between SM artists and Johnnys, and I think that just indicates that SM artists are getting so big Johnny’s can’t just ignore them anymore. Also, as you see, the page SHINee is on is in black and white, and I would say they are the less important pages in the mag… The main thing is the glossy pages with full page photos of JE artists XD"

Well we don’t know what is mr. Johnny thinking… Just hope the best for Taemin, cs ^^

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