[News] RTL French Radio Talks about SHINee (20110608)

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DJ 1: “To finish, this is a hit abroad and it’s from South Korea.
DJ 1: “Yes and it’s a boys group, a phenomenon since 3 years in South Korea.
The group is called SHINee, they are five, five boys, five fashion icons aged between 17 and 20 years old. Their style is a mix of Pop and RnB. Here is an extract of their song, it is one of their first hit REPLAY.” *playing REPLAY extract – Korean Version*

DJ 1: “This is the current phenomenon in South Korea, the boys group SHINee, who is also No.1 in Japan at the moment with the Japanese version, because the one we heard is in Korean.”
DJ 2: “Oh yeah, I recognized it
*reference to korean language*”

DJ 1: “It is a message which says Noona You’re Pretty. K-pop captivates the young generation in France. The five most popular groups, amongst which SHINee to which we just listened to, will perform in concert on Friday and Saturday nights at Le Zénith de Paris. The first time that this concert will be held in Europe, the tickets were sold out in 10 minutes.”
DJ 2: “It’s incredible.”

Source: RTL.fr | English Translation and Credit: kiana78 @ SHINee Soompi Thread | 

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