[Official MV] SHINee Replay Japanese Version

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credit: EMIMusicJapan@youtube

Yes, Today is 27th of May 2011! As news said yesterday. First impression: WHOAAAAAAAA *jawdrop* I can't stop look at my SHINing Boys here who spread their charismatic aura, cool and so handsome. Can't say anything when watch this video but REPLAY REPLAY REPLAY AND REPLAY again XD. Taemin you are so young, so pure and so fascinated! Lucky you SNSD Yoona, has them all XD.

Another Note from Taemin Forever:
Taem's fever, sorry if I can't upload anything from now til tomorrow afternoon, I have some kind of personal business that can't be denied. Anything about SHINee Replay Japanese Version or anything related to them, it will be spread around this day or tomorrow, and I will share them from tomorrow. But one thing, I promise I will be back immediately. Hope SHINee will release many things for us XD

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