[NEWS] SHINee News Update! (20110526)

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SHINee is About to Have Solo Concert in Taiwan!

 It will be held 7~10 p.m., 16 July 201

credit: Subbing SHINee 

Mezamshi TV Will Air SHINee Special!
 Mezamashi TV (5:25~8 a.m.) will air a SHINee special on Thursday, 26 May. The music video for SHINee’s Japan debut single, Replay – You’re My Everything will be aired for the first time!

It also includes an in-depth reporting on SHINee in Korea.

credit: Subbing SHINee 

SHINee Special on Pia June Issue!

SHINee Special will be covered on Susumeru Pia (to be out on 9 June), SODA (23 June), and Korean Wave Pia (22 June). For the special, they are now doing a survey on SHINee at https://www.pia.co.jp/ssl/cgi-bin/genform/form.cgi?ptn=shinee

credit: Subbing SHINee

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