[Fan Account] SHINee Replay PV Filming, Taemin Focus (20110427)

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  • SHINee were playful when shooting group dance.
  • Other members were resting in the waiting room while Taemin was filming solo part.
    he was playing with his coordinators. He looked very close to them.
  • After lunch SHINee went to another shooting place
  • Taemin likes to play rock scissor paper with coordinators.
  • Minho sat on one of the  coordinanor's lap won the game and Taemin went and buy coffee for her.
    One of the dancer said: “Tae ah. When you grow up if you buying stock you going to loose”.
    Taemin said: ah! Why is that....? he was so cute saying that.
  • Taemin was looking for his cellphone again and run to washroom. So funny. Kkkk
  • Taemin was massaging cody 's neck. I can't stand it. boo....TT I want massage too. I'm been working so hard.
  • Jong and Taemin singing and playing. They sang Sung Si kyung song.
    Their voice suit each other. I wish I had record that. TT
  • Key and Taemin like to dicuss about puppy and kitten. He was so excited while talking.
  • There was scene Yoona have to smile brightly to camera.
    Jong imitated fans saying: I like you Yoona. You are mine.
    Onew and Key were laughing so loud. Three times louder than in Hellobaby.
    Onew making devil laugh like "WooHahahahahaha!..." Taemin was laughing  so hard. And keep saying : DaeBak!" he really like saying the word.
  • When Jjong was singing 'Wedding Dress by Taeyang', Taemin and Onew joined in too.
  • They filming around 3 am in the morning. Only Taemin solo scene left.
    Taemin was chatting with the dancer. I was standing on the wall.  Director ask me to move. When he ask me to stop, I was standing beside  taemin. He lifted up his head saw me and said hello. I said” hello ^^;;.  he is so good looking. TT . I never expect him to say hello.
  • Taemin made mistake twice and have to re do. He looks so sorry. Others keep saying it's OK. After this the filming is finish.
  • Taemin filming finish!!!

This only short summary of fan account. Not 100% accurate. 

source: DC, Withtaemin
credit: linyin and anju_angel @soompi

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