[News] Taemin Wrote His 20 Year Old Future Self When He Was in 5th Grade

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Name : Lee Taemin

Blood type : B

Nickname : ttaemiri(wash towel?) item (with his cute drawings)

Character : i am understanding and sometimes people say i’m funny(?)

My best friends 7 : #7 JinGuan, #6 ?? #5 SooWan #4HyunJae #3WooHyung #2SooHyun #1MinSuk

Introduction : I’m in 5-1(grade - class number) in 2004. My name is Lee Taemin. i want to be memorable Lee Taemin in this class.

The Most Memorable Thing : when i first met friends.

Me after 20 years : By then, i would have a job. so I’ll do my best now for the job

Something i want to talk to classmates : i want to be in same class next year too but time for parting is coming. have a good time till then and do our best.

English Trans: amiehazie tumblr

Ahhhh, It reminds me when I was in elementary school and almost of my classmate have habit to exchange diary and make some kind of those things: Self Future, Put Self Photo and so many thing about our profile, ahh, hazukasi yo...!
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