[News] SHINee World Concert Will Be Held in Taiwan

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I just came back from Korea! At last it has been confirmed that SHINee WORLD Concert will be coming to Taiwan during Summer! However, for the details, we need to wait till we have signed the contract with the company and venue holder then will be released.

Regardless, if you want to go for SHINee World Concert, SHAWOLs can start to get ready now!
(Because I know everyone are excited, so I am informing all of you then SHINee World will definitely come to TW!)

Yuan Ding Staff - Hou Wen Yan (2011.4.22)

Source: Weibo
Translation: Ning @ shiningshawols.com

T/N: Yuan Ding is the event company name who would make a contract with SME to bring SHINee World Concert to Taiwan, and Hou Wen Yan is the one who made the post. Please wait for further information about SHINee World Concert in Taiwan.

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