SHINee Macro Session XI (Just For Fun)

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SHINee's come back will without Onew


Me too

Gwaenchana Taemin!

Chicken's Will!

Flirting Key?

Why is Jjong always doing wrong?

Make sure you wash your face and pray to God if you was jinxed a while

poor Taemin

It's called: Modern Tarzans!

Why is Taemin is invisible? Cause he hides in Minho's heart

When our parents is know about their child has been grown up, they will cry irritatingly

Remember that maknae is alway...curious

under censor!

when minho's becoming a great hyung, he will be overprotective hyung!

When you become Taemin, noona will always be dangerous!

If you are getting fooled by your own dongsaeng, you'd rather die!

Taemin always smiles when he's bribed!

divorce Jjong-Key?
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