SHINee Macro Session X (Just For Fun)

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Did you know Taemin is selling his property by himself?

SHINee will not comeback with Taemin?

Minho's becoming jealously

Key was awfulsome

Poor Minho

Onew is sanctuary of chicken, this scene is taken from  film named: The Last Chicken!

from left to right: taemin jonas, minho jonas, jjong jonas

Now we realize, why Minho alway shows his flaming in front of camera

Taemin was in danger!

gosh...Taemin is always in danger situation!

Found, a body of young boy with initial J*ong. Cause of death: heart attack


This is not claiming higher is older *sangtae?*

Onew will be jailed immediately because of...Chicken Crime

it always works!

me? *pocker face*

????? Not rated!

do you know, nowdays, the children always curious about...voodoo?

the answer is: he wants to marry you!

innocent Taemin

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