[Pics] Jjong and Taemin at Osan Exam Candidates Concert (20091222)

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  • leen said...

    Hi everyone

    I’m leen from KSA

    and there’s voting to open a shop for selling Korean

    products like clothe and everything related to the Korean


    but they will only bring stuff for the three first teams

    so please help us and vote for SHINee

    and they also will choose the city that the shop will open

    in it

    so all the words in Arabic and I think you will not


    so you can vote by following these instruction :

    1- The first voting for the city

    so choose the first one (جدة-Jeddah)

    2- The second voting for the bands

    so Certainly without thinking choose SHINee

    vote here


    and today is the last day for voting

    SHINee is in the 5th place and they was in the 2nd place

    so please help us T^T

    and thank you



    I forgot to tell you that You can vote many times without


    so please please please vote for SHINee

    at least ten times

    HeHeHe ^_^

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