[News] Lee Taemin's Mobile Fansite Message (20110210)

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credit photo: linyin@soompi
This quote is taken from another thread on Soompi.

February 10th, 2011

credit photo: linyin@soompi
Hello, This is SHINee's Maknae~Taemin~! Today, I'm going to show you a picture I took from SMTOWN LIVE backstage. I'm so happy to be in Japan again as well as participating SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO! It's such a pity that Jonghyun hyung wasn't able to come with us...I want him to be fine as soon as possible and to be able to perform with us. Everyone~I'll be going to upload again, please look forward to us~ This is from Taemin~ Bye Bye~ ^^ 

source: mary-san | Taemin picture shot: yuriponz-san (ありがとうございます!)
credit: linyin@soompi, english trans: winkme@soompi

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