[News] 2010-Star of the Year Voting Result SHINee Crowned #1 Boy Group

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credit: sophianguyen@soompi

Otentic News taken from Soompi
It's the lsat day of 2010 YAY!!!!! 2010 is a memorable year for all of us SHINee & SHINee World. With SHINee kicks off the new year with 2 solo concerts, I hope 2011 will be another successful year for them. I didn't get chance to say it on the day the news came out but I wish them the best for their Japan debut, they deserve all the love and recognize :D Knowing SHINee, I can tell that they will take their Japan expansion seriously but please don't leave Korea too long, even if it's just one Korean single in 2011 i will still be happy :]
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credit this news: sophianguyen@soompi

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