Facts About Lee Taemin

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These infomations are not 100% accurate
  1. Must never forget to smile.
  2. Carries a bag containing a lot of sweets around, all with a SHINee logo attached on it. Will give out these sweets whenever he sees noonas.
  3. Has been said by many that he is good at aegyo, but will in actualy face, use half aegyo and half forcing to get what he wants, for example, mumbles “I want to be a director too” constantly while using his butt to push others.
  4. Has been said that he is cute too many times, but “does not want others to say that I am cute”.
  5. When first debuted, is used to blinking a lot when speaking, it is a lot better now, but somehow it has become a hot topic after Key umma has imitated it.
  6. Will run around the practise room with a bottle/packet of milk in his mouth, spends a lot of time in the waiting room studying and rushing his holiday assignments and preparing for exams.
  7. Being on stage is something to be enjoyed, and dance is the what makes him derives the most joy from. The title is just to attraction people to watch, you should only believe in what you see.
  8. His dancing ability has been widely recognised, but do you know that his rap is pretty man too? Go listen to “Love should go on”.
  9. Do not think that he is a child with a huge generation gap between the two of you, he idolises “MJ” and also likes to imitate Seo Taiji — “I don’t know anything!”
  10. “I really don’t know anything!” (catchphrase)
  11. Can transform an ardent swordsman into a kawaii youth, and can change the action of pulling out a sword to just raising a fire torch.
  12. “When I first saw Taemin, I thought he was really pretty. At that time there was a trainee noona in front of him, and Taemin was even prettier than her.” (Super Junior Eunhyuk)
  13. Does not feel that he has a talent that can matches up to Onew, but if he were to do it(Onew’s talent)…he can do it too!
  14. A very obedient child, even if he is asked to sit on someone’s lap, or getting hugged or being lifted up on someone’s shoulder, he does not object. He’s so young that the sunbaes find it hard to see him as a rising artiste who is catching up with them, but he is beginning to present a star’s disposition.
  15. Knows how to play, and will play. A finger and a camera. that’s his best friend.
  16. “Hyung, do you know what is love?” (To the rest of members)
  17. “If I am a girl, I will choose to date Minho, because he is Flaming Charisma!”
  18. “In the show, Yunhanam, the person who is the best at making a girl happy is Taemin.” (KEY) But he is still at a stage when he is more enthusiastic of dogs than girls.
  19. If there is true love involved, how can age be limiting, isn’t there a guy who married a really old grandmother?
  20. Has the care and concern of the hyungs, the love and care of the noonas, it’s really nice. If only he can see his family more…Hyung, saranghae…
  21. When Taemin was small, he wanted to be a fisherman.
  22. When Taemin was small, he also wanted to be a pilot. 
  23. Taemin gets seasick when he's on a boat, which ruined his dream of becoming a fisherman.
  24. "You must never forget to smile." (Lee Taemin)
  25. According to Taemin, Minho's sleeping pajamas are the cutest. 
  26. Taemin hates all kinds of bugs.
  27. Onew likes to throw Taemin on the bed 
  28. Despite the fact that he enjoys drinking banana milk, he's not as healthy as you think he is
  29. Taemin loves to eat because he loves food, anything will do
  30. Taemin is socially awkward, he does not mix around with people around him other than those his comfortable with, well
  31. Recently, upon hitting puberty, Taemin often stays in his room. At times he likes to visit Manager's Hyung's room.
  32. Taemn's a shy cat. He doesn't normally express his feelings.
  33. Not because he's being unappreciative of his talent but it's because he believe that only by criticizing himself, only can he improve
Matters Needing Attention
  • Competitve: You can treat him as a exclusive young man but in front of him, you better see him as a man at heart.
  • The X catalyst: “Taemin ah, you go and do _____ k — You are the youngest!”
  • The O catalyst: Chant silently “He is a man! Do not be charmed by his smile

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